T19 - Trial of Valor (Flex, Mythic)
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Collection of buff/debuff indicators (tanks included) and hostile cast alerts for ToV.
T20 - Tomb of Sargeras: https://wago.io/Vyfk0e9-X

Orb of Corruption/Corrosion Cast Bars: https://wago.io/4Jt_88ifM
Tentacle Strike Cast Bar: https://wago.io/E1GamEXQM

Icons too big? They can be resized in the group's Display options, near the bottom.
Don't like the text? Alter it in the individual auras' Display options.
Want to change icon glow or /say alert options? Check the Actions tab.
Sound can be added/removed from auras in the Actions tab.

Odyn - Horn of Valor (icon)
Odyn - Shield of Light (icon)
Odyn - Expel Light (icon)
Odyn - Odyn's Test (icon)
Odyn - Fixate Brands (icon)
Odyn - Cleansing Flame (icon)
Odyn - Storm of Justice (icon)
Odyn - Stormforged Spear (icon)
Odyn (M) - Shield Brands (icon)
Odyn (M) - Protected (icon)
Odyn (M) - Phase 3 Brands (icon)

Guarm - Breath Debuffs (icon)
Guarm - Lick Debuffs (icon)
Guarm (M) - Volatile Foam Messages (icon)

Helya - Taint of the Sea (icon)
Helya - Tentacle Strike Cast Alert (icon)
Helya - Bilewater Redox (icon)
Helya - Orb Debuff Indicators (icon)
Helya - Anchor Slam (icon)
Helya - Fetid Rot (icon)
Helya - Bilewater Breath Cast Alert (icon)
Heyla - Corrupted Breath Cast Alert (icon)
Helya - Dark Hatred (icon)
Helya - Corrupted Axion (icon)
Helya - Decay (icon)
Heyla (M) - Corrupted (icon)
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Trial of Valor (Now with Mythic stuff)
WEAKAURA Updated Dec 8th 2016 User Myst Views 13,137 Comments 0 Stars 6
Just a collection of important debuff/cast auras for the TOV encounters in a dynamic group. No tank mechanics.

I am always working on this as I progress on the encounters with my guild and figure out what worked/didn't work. If something is bugged in your version or not working I hope to have it updated and working soon, sorry for the inconvenience!

My auras include annoying sound cues. If you hate sound cues just select the group, go to the actions tab, and uncheck the "Play Sound" box to remove all sound cues in one action!

This is a collection of 27 auras:

B1: Horn of Valor Cast Warning (icon)
B1: Expel Light Debuff Warning (icon)
B1: Shield of Light Cast Warning (icon)
B1: Shield of Light Debuff Warning (icon)
B1: Protected Buff Display (icon)
B1: Not Protected Warning (No longer boss-mod specific!) (icon)
B1: Branded Debuff Display (icon)
B1: Runic Brand Debuff Display (icon)
B1: Storm of Justice Debuff Display (icon)
B2: Headlong Charge Cast Warning (icon)
B2: Flame Lick Debuff Display (icon)
B2: Fiery Phlegm Debuff Display (icon)
B2: Flaming Volatile Foam Debuff Display (icon)
B2: Frost Lick Debuff Display (icon)
B2: Salty Spittle Debuff Display (icon)
B2: Briney Volatile Foam Debuff Display (icon)
B2: Shadow Lick Debuff Display with heal absorb value (icon)
B2: Dark Discharge Debuff Display (icon)
B2: Shadowy Volatile Foam Debuff Display (icon)
B2: Guardian's Breath Cast Warning (icon)
B3: Orb of Corruption Debuff Display (icon)
B3: Orb of Corrosion Debuff Display (icon)
B3: Taint of the Sea Debuff Display (icon)
B3: Fetid Rot Debuff Display (icon)
B3: Bilewater Breath Cast Warning (icon)
B3: Corrupted Breath Cast Warning (icon)
B3: Corrupted Axion Debuff Display with heal absorb value (icon)
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