Antorus, The Burning Throne Alerts
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This is a weak aura set for T21 Antorus, the Burning Throne. This is a dynamic weak aura set that grows out to the right, but can easily be changed in the parent group settings. If you see an error or wish for something else to be added just leave a comment!

Currently Supports:
1. Garothi Worldbreaker
- Fel Bombardment
- Decimation
- Annihilation
- Apocalypse Drive
- Eradication

2. Felhounds of Sargeras
- Smouldering
- Consuming Sphere
- Weight of Darkness
- Siphon Corruption
- Desolate Gaze
- Molten Touch
- Singed
- Molten Flare
- Enflamed Corruption

3. Antoran High Command
- Exploit Weakness
- Chaos Pulse
- Pyroblast Interrupt
- Demonic Charge
- Bladestorm
- Entropic Blast
- Psychic Assault

4. Portal Keeper Hasabel
- Reality Tear
- Collapsing World
- Fiery Detonation
- Felstorm Barrage
- 90%, 60%, and 30% Portals
- Interrupts for Mini-Bosses
- Poison Essence
- Felsilk Wrap
- Acidic Web
- Everburning Flames
- Everburning Light Active
- Everburning Light not Active
- Corrupt
- Delusions (with mana %)

5. Essence the Life-Binder
- Eonar Energy > 80
- Artillery Strike
- Rain of Fell
- Spear of Doom

6. Imonar the Soulhunter

7. Kin'garoth

8. Varimathras

9. Coven of Shivarra

10. Aggramar

11. Argus the Unmaker
- Soulblight Orb
- Cone of Death
- Soulblight
- Tortured Rage
- Death Fog
- Sweeping Scythe
- Gifts
- Golganneth's Wrath
- Soulburst
- Soulbomb
- Avatar of Aggramar
- Aggramar's Boon
- Cosmic Beacon
- End of All Things
- Tree Energy
- Khazgoroth Energy
- Titanforged
- Withering Roots
- Soul Detonation
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Affliction Auras 7.3.2
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*New* Resizer!

Things tracked:

- Soul Shards (RIP Doomshards, maybe)
- DoTs on target (main DoT icons)
- DoTs on focus (bars under DoT icons, RIP Effigy)
- Souls (upper swirlie)
- Reap, Wrath of Consumption, Soul Harvest, Haunt, Phantom Singularity
- Burning Rush (flames behind the bar)
- Your mana! With a (sort of) prediction for mana restored when you Life Tap (like blizzard's default UI)
- T20 4p buff and T21 4p debuff
- Shadow Lock/Meteor Strike on cooldown
- ELT (pink bar)


- Supports Master Harvester procs when specced into StS or PS (rightmost bar)
- If you fancy moving it around, just drag the "Master Anchor" aura and stuff will go with it
- You can resize the group in the Resizer aura, under the Actions > On Init tab. Some anomalies may appear on certain sizes, use it at your own risk.

** Code for UA damage prediction and stacks are from
** Delete the group before updating/re-importing it
** Keep WA2 updated
** If you fancy contacting me to report issues or w/e, you can DM me on discord at Kirin#5137

How-to disable UA damage prediction: go to the auras D-Up UA Reg and D-Up UA SL, and under the Display tab, either delete all text under the Custom Function box OR change it to this:

function() -- Display settings: choose what text is shown. -- can also use aura_env.timeRemaining -- return aura_env.display_damage end

03/03 - Corrected WoC stacks not showing up with Reap up.
03/25 - Now displays a bar under leftmost icon to track WoC duration if Reap is active. Icons beautified.
04/11 - (Probably) 100% functional on non-english clients now.
04/26 - Fat trimmed and WoC+Reap bar fixed. Requires WA2 v. 2.4.1 and above to work now (released on 04/26)
04/28 - Icons actually beautified (I'm stupid)
06/13 - Updated for 7.2.5
06/29 - Mana bar included
08/27 - Fixed an issue with Haunt auras
08/31 - "Updated" for 7.3 (included T21 4p buff to live version)
09/08 - ELT, I guess...
09/24 - Supremacy interrupt and stun included
10/29 - Included T21 4p updated debuff
11/05 - Added Resizer aura and a few minor tweaks
11/15 - Souls counter won't move anymore when rescaling
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[7.3] Gandoword's Holy Paladin HUD
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Just another simple and clean Holy Paladin HUD
CptGrizzle#2926 || Gandoword @ Antonidas EU

For full visual compatibility please install ElvUI and AddOnSkins, then do the following steps:
1. ESC -> ElvUI -> AddOnSkins -> Click the Weak Auras Box.
2. ESC -> ElvUI -> AddOnSkins -> Miscellaneous -> Click the WeakAura Cooldowns and WeakAura Aurabar Boxes.

- Minor bug fixes.

- Minor bug fixes.
- Minor design changes.

- Added several new auras. (Maraad's Dying Breath, etc.)
- Minor bug fixes.

- Added "Use Alerts" for Judgment, Rule of Law and Bestow Faith.

- The Sephuz's Secret, Velen's Future Sight and Xavaric's Magnum Opus aura will activate automatically now, depending on what you have equipped.
- Minor bug fixes.

- Added a Sea Star of the Depthmother aura.
- Minor bug fixes.

- Updated to 7.3.

- Added a Sephuz's Secret aura.

- Updated to 7.2.5.

- Complete rework of the entire WeakAura Setup.
- Less Auras to load, same functionality as before. (Thanks to conditions.)
- Some minor design changes.
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All you need to know: Shaman - Enhancement - Legion | v7.3.5 beta.small_version
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→→→ WeakAuras are not always active. They depend on the talents you actually take.

It's (nearly) all you need to know for Enhancement in Legion right now.

I suggest you also to grab the Addon →→ Hekili ←← and put it in the black placeholder in the middle like shown in my videos (I reduced it to 1 icon).

!!! The WeakAuras I have in my bundle that are in the middle are just an overlay for the Addon Hekili !!!

I personally like to have shown as much as I "need to know".
This is a set of WeakAuras to show me things so I can react to it.
It also supports some other talents that are not common right now.

(You can see my WeakAuras in action in my latest video.)

If you find any problems or have suggestions - let me know.
-*This WeakAuras are made for the english client.*-

Updated: !!! Working on a smaller version for 7.3.5 !!!
also: Added link to legendary WeakAuras bundle =

Note: I changed the position of some WeakAuras. I am open for any suggestions..

If the cooldown timers aren't showing up you'll have have to enable action bar timers in the default WoW interface options under Actionbars > Show Numbers for Cooldowns.

These pics show how I set up Hekili:

Enhancement ShamanGeneral UtilityDamage DealingPvE UtilityPvP Utility