Affliction Auras 7.3
WEAKAURA Updated Sep 24th 2017 User Kirin Views 77,671 Comments 65 Stars 40
*New?* 7.3 ready!! Especially since nothing has changed yet :D

Things tracked:

- Soul Shards (RIP Doomshards, maybe)
- DoTs on target (main DoT icons)
- DoTs on focus (bars under DoT icons, RIP Effigy)
- Souls (upper swirlie)
- Reap, Wrath of Consumption, Soul Harvest, Haunt, Phantom Singularity
- Burning Rush (flames behind the bar)
- Your mana! With a (sort of) prediction for mana restored when you Life Tap (like blizzard's default UI)
- T20 4p buff
- Shadow Lock/Meteor Strike on cooldown
- ELT (pink bar)


- Supports Master Harvester procs when specced into StS or PS (rightmost bar)
- If you fancy moving it around, just drag the "Master Anchor" aura and stuff will go with it

** Code for UA damage prediction and stacks are from
** Delete the group before updating/re-importing it
** Keep WA2 updated
** If you fancy contacting me to report issues or w/e, you can DM me on discord at Kirin#5137

How-to disable UA damage prediction: go to the auras D-Up UA Reg and D-Up UA SL, and under the Display tab, either delete all text under the Custom Function box OR change it to this:

function() -- Display settings: choose what text is shown. -- can also use aura_env.timeRemaining -- return aura_env.display_damage end

03/03 - Corrected WoC stacks not showing up with Reap up.
03/25 - Now displays a bar under leftmost icon to track WoC duration if Reap is active. Icons beautified.
04/11 - (Probably) 100% functional on non-english clients now.
04/26 - Fat trimmed and WoC+Reap bar fixed. Requires WA2 v. 2.4.1 and above to work now (released on 04/26)
04/28 - Icons actually beautified (I'm stupid)
06/13 - Updated for 7.2.5
06/29 - Mana bar included
08/27 - Fixed an issue with Haunt auras
08/31 - "Updated" for 7.3 (included T21 4p buff to live version)
09/08 - ELT, I guess...
09/24 - Supremacy interrupt and stun included
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Driht Havoc DH 7.3
WEAKAURA Updated Sep 24th 2017 User Driht Views 21,045 Comments 19 Stars 21
A very consolidated view for Demon Hunter abilities and timers, presented in an informative manner. Coverage for Momentum and non-traditional specs included.

Update 09/24/17: Adjusted Fel Barrage (WA was using the old charge system)
Update 09/14/17: No major changes, just some icon rearranging so that cooldowns and actives will show up properly with the new WeakAuras logic.

Vengeful Retreat icon when Momentum is selected, old Momentum icon removed due to redundancy (as there is already a bar for that).

Nemesis tracker that shows when buff is active, and what type of creature bonus is active after killing your target.

Momentum bar borrowed from crazyy's collection, thank you sir/madam.

Skin is Masque: Caith
Caith Skin:

Questions? Post them in the comments, or contact me on Twitter @itsDriht.

This is a collection of 57 auras:

Momentum Bar (aurabar)
Fury Bar (aurabar)
Fury Text (text)
Fury of the Illidari Active (icon)
Fury of the Illidari Ready (icon)
Fury of the Illidari Cooldown (icon)
Felblade Ready (icon)
Felblade Cooldown (icon)
Chaos Strike NoFelblade (icon)
Chaos Strike NoFelblade NoFury (icon)
Bloodlet Active (icon)
Bloodlet Not Active (icon)
Bloodlet Not Active NoTarget (icon)
Blade Dance Ready (icon)
Blade Dance Ready FirstBlood NoFury (icon)
Blade Dance Ready NoFirstBlood NoFury (icon)
Blade Dance Cooldown (icon)
Chaos Blades Active (icon)
Chaos Blades Ready (icon)
Chaos Blades Cooldown (icon)
Fel Barrage Ready (icon)
Fel Barrage Cooldown (icon)
Demonic Selected (icon)
Metamorphosis From Demonic (icon)
VR Ready (Momentum) (icon)
VR Cooldown (Momentum) (icon)
Nemesis Active (icon)
Nemesis Ready (icon)
Nemesis Cooldown (icon)
Metamorphosis Active (icon)
Metamorphosis Ready (icon)
Metamorphosis Cooldown (icon)
Fel Rush Ready (icon)
Fel Rush Cooldown 1 (icon)
Fel Rush Cooldown 2 (icon)
TG Ready Show Stack (icon)
TG Ready No Stack (icon)
TG Ready No Stack 2 (icon)
TG CD 0 No Stack 2 (icon)
TG CD 0 Show Stack (icon)
TG CD 1 Show Stack (icon)
TG CD 0 No Stack (icon)
Darkness Active (icon)
Darkness Ready (icon)
Darkness Cooldown (icon)
Blur Active (icon)
Blur Ready (icon)
Blur Cooldown (icon)
Consume Magic Ready (icon)
Consume Magic Cooldown (icon)
Chaos Nova Ready (icon)
Chaos Nova Cooldown (icon)
Eye Beam Active (icon)
Eye Beam Ready (icon)
Eye Beam Cooldown (icon)
Havoc Demon HunterDamage DealingPvE Utility