Smexy's: Trinkets - Etraeus' Celestial Map and Dreadstone of Endless Shadows (Haste/Mastery/Crit Buffs)
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WeakAura icon and text trackers for the three buffs that can proc from the Etraeus' Celestial Map and Dreadstone of Endless Shadows trinkets.

These auras were custom made by request for Izabo. If you would like help customizing them further or fitting them into your UI feel free to add my US Battletag and send me a message: PenCap#1642

-Only loads if the trinkets are equipped and you are in combat.
-The timer in RED reflects the remaining time left on the buff.
-Each icon will glow when activated and has a unique sound attached:
. -Haste Buffs (Sign of the Dragon / Swarming Shadows)
. . +"Hiccup" Sound.
. -Mastery Buffs (Sign of the Hare / Shadow Master)
. . +"Blast" Sound.
. -Crit Buffs (Sign of the Hippo / Shadow's Strike)
. . +"Splash" Sound.
-Sounds can easily be turned off or changed by clicking each aura then clicking on the ACTIONS tab.

This is a collection of 7 auras:

Etraeus': Constellations Buff (PPM Proc: No Stat) (icon)
Etraeus': Sign of the Dragon Buff (Haste) (icon)
Etraeus': Sign of the Hare Buff (Mastery) (icon)
Etraeus': Sign of the Hippo Buff (Crit) (icon)
Dreadstone: Swarming Shadows Buff (Haste) (icon)
Dreadstone: Shadow Master Buff (Mastery) (icon)
Dreadstone: Shadow's Strike Buff (Crit) (icon)
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7.0 Làthus Protection Paladin Suite
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This is a collection of 58 auras:

Avengers Shield CD (icon)
Avengers Shield UP (icon)
Blessed Hammer CD (icon)
Blessed Hammer UP (icon)
Hammer of the Righteous UP (icon)
Hammer of the Righteous CD1 (icon)
PROT PROC (icon)
Judgment CD1 (icon)
Judgment UP (icon)
Consecration UP (icon)
Consecration CD (icon)
SoTR Up1 (icon)
SoTR CD1 (icon)
SoTR UPTIME (aurabar)
Hand of the Protector UP (icon)
Hand of the Protector CD (icon)
LoTP CD (icon)
LotP UP (icon)
Blinding Light CD (icon)
Blinding Light (icon)
DIvine Shield CD 3 (icon)
Divine Shield UP 3 (icon)
DIvine Shield TIMER 3 (aurabar)
Ardent Defender UP (icon)
Ardent Defender CD (icon)
Ardent Defender TIMER (aurabar)
Guardian of Ancient Kings (icon)
Guardian of Ancient Kings UP (icon)
Guardian of Ancient Kings UPTIME (aurabar)
LoH CD1 (icon)
LoH UP (icon)
Aegis of Light UP (icon)
Aegis of Light CD (icon)
Aegis of Light UPTIME (aurabar)
HoR CD (icon)
HoR UP (icon)
Blessing of Spellwarding CD (icon)
Blessing of Spellwarding UP (icon)
Hammer of Justice CD (icon)
Hammer of Justice UP (icon)
Cleanse Toxins CD (icon)
Cleanse Toxins UP (icon)
Cleanse Toxins UP 2 (icon)
Bastion of Light UP (icon)
Bastion of Light (icon)
LOW MANA 2 (model)
LOW MANA MAIN 2 (aurabar)
Paladin Mana Inverse 2 (aurabar)
Mana % 2 (text)
BoS CD1 3 (icon)
BoS TIMER 3 (aurabar)
BoS UP 3 (icon)
BoF CD1 3 (icon)
BoF TIMER 3 (aurabar)
BoF UP 3 (icon)
BoP CD1 3 (icon)
BoP TIMER 3 (aurabar)
BoP UP 3 (icon)
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