Retribution Paladin - Complete UI Setup
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Fendoran's Spells Cooldown, Dots & Holy Power Tracker, Perfect Setup For Retribution Paladin!
What you see here is an inspired version of Smexy's UI so i hope you like it!
This setup is a very smart and helpful for those that would like to give that little ekstra damage, either you're raiding, questing or even killing another player,
that ekstra bit of damage realy does help.

Recommended for Advanced Paladin Players. 7.2.5 READY!!!!!

Version 1.0.7
-Fixed An error causing Judgement & Wake of Ashes Debuff on target to track yours and every other paladin's debuffs. Should now only track yours.

Version 1.0.6
-Fixed An error causing the Blizzard UI to tell you that you got errors within your AddOns.
-Removed A pulsing effect on Divine Shield, Blessing of Protection, Justicar's Vengeance/Eye for an Eye/Word of Glory & Lay on Hands.

Version 1.0.5
-Updated Weak Aura for patch 7.2.5
-Added Absorb Tracker to Shield of Vengeance

Version 1.0.4
-Updated Weak Aura for patch 7.2.0

Version 1.0.3
-Updated Weak Aura for patch 7.1.5

Version 1.0.2
-Added Blessings Tracker, Tells you when you don't have it activated & When activated it tells you who you got it on

Version 1.0.1
-Updated The way the UI works and responds

Version 1.0.0

Note: I've not made a rotation bar with WA, I am insted using an addon called Hekili, reason being is that i don't 'only' play Paladin, i play multiple classes and i don't realy want to make a rotation bar for every class & spec, Hekili is perfect for the job!

Smexy's -
My Elvui -
Hekili -

This is a collection of 49 auras:

Greater Blessing of Kings: Active (icon)
Greater Blessing of Wisdom: Active (icon)
Greater Blessing of Might: Active (icon)
Blessing of the Ashbringer: Active (icon)
Holy Power: 1 Active (icon)
Holy Power: 2 Active (icon)
Holy Power: 3 Active (icon)
Holy Power: 4 Active (icon)
Holy Power: 5 Active (icon)
Divine Shield: On Cool Down (icon)
Divine Shield: Active (icon)
Blessing of Protection: On Cool Down (icon)
Blessing of Protection: Active (icon)
Justica's Vengeance: On Cool Down (icon)
Justicar's Vengeance: Active (icon)
Eye for an Eye: On Cool Down (icon)
Eye for an Eye: Active (icon)
Word of Glory: On Cool Down (icon)
Word of Glory: Active (icon)
Lay on Hands: On Cool Down (icon)
Wake of Ashes Active (aurabar)
Judgment: Active (aurabar)
Time Warp: Active (aurabar)
Netherwinds: Active (aurabar)
Hysteria: Active (aurabar)
Bloodlust: Active (aurabar)
Drums of Fury: Active (aurabar)
Drums of the Mountain: Active (aurabar)
Shield of Vengeance: Active (aurabar)
Potion of the Old War: Active (aurabar)
Avenging Wrath (aurabar)
Crusade (aurabar)
Shield of Vengeance: On Cool Down (icon)
Shield of Vengeance: Ready (icon)
Crusade: On Cool Down (icon)
Crusade: Ready (icon)
Avenging Wrath: On Cool Down (icon)
Avenging Wrath: Ready (icon)
Wake of Ashes: On Cool Down (icon)
Wake of Ashes: Ready (icon)
Judgment: On Cool Down (icon)
Judgment: Ready (icon)
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Zero's Frost HUD v.2.1 (Legion 7.2.5)
WEAKAURA Updated Jun 21st 2017 User Zerofoxx Views 9,516 Comments 17 Stars 4
Frost Mage HuD designed to enhance your gaming experience, this suite provides easily visible and trackable icons with timers and icons for many frequently used cooldowns including Ebon Bolt, Frozen Orb, Icy Veins, Mirror Image, and more!

Baked in castbar, dynamically updating Icy Veins duration bar, and buff duration progress bars for both Fingers of Frost, and Brain Freeze procs make it easy to maximize your Frost Mage's output!

*7.2 update - (smaller package, same great auras!)
User-suggested improvements applied:
- Ebon Bolt now has a 'shadow' timer similar to Frozen Orb
- Shimmer now displays # of charges
- Water Bolt's cooldown timer bug fixed (working as of 10:29pm EST 3/31/2017)

*Removed double timer for Icy Veins (appears cleaner, more easy to read)
(User Requests: @Twister997)
*Added Freezing Rain display over Frozen Orb, to track duration of Instant Blizzard Buff
*Added Time Warp Icon in place of Water Jet when Lonely Winter talent is taken

I'm always seeking to improve the aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency of my WeakAura's so if you have comments, suggestions, critiques, or even requests, let me know in the comment section, or in a message.
This is a collection of 24 auras:

Icicle 1 (texture)
Icicle 2 (texture)
Icicle 3 (texture)
Icicle 4 (texture)
Icicle 5 (texture)
Ebon Bolt CD (icon)
Ray of Frost CD (icon)
Frozen Orb CD (icon)
Water Jet CD (icon)
Water Jet time (aurabar)
Mirror Image CD (icon)
Mirror Images Time (aurabar)
Icy Veins CD (icon)
Icy Viens Time (aurabar)
Shimmer CD (icon)
Blink CD (icon)
Frost Nova CD (icon)
Cold Snap CD (icon)
Ice Block CD (icon)
Icy Veins Timer (aurabar)
FoF Timers (aurabar)
Brain Freeze Timer (aurabar)
Castbar (aurabar)
Castbar (Channel) (aurabar)
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