Bruneors SV hunter 7.1.5 (Midnights base extended)
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I took Midnight's SV Hunter WA ( and extended it with several debuffs and buffs and reworked some things slightly for 7.1.5. I also added a display for Sephuz's Secret when it is equipped and the cd and runing proc and Butcher's Bone Apron Stack counter. I will rework and maintain this WA as often as possible.

Find me @Discord, user Trininja#2953 for suggestion, bugs and ideas. I'm open for many things. And I'm still learning and playing around with WA. ;)

UPDATE 17. March 17: Added a GCD counter to the MoK'Nathal icon in the upper left corner, thx to Asakawa over @Discord for the custom code/text and his MoK'Nathal tracker.
Added a texture for Mongoose Power (T19 4pcs set proc). Resized and repositioned some elements slightly.

UPDATE 07. March 17: Fixed ET dot timer on target, added FotE bar under the GCD bar, hopefully fixed FS line on focusbar. Thx @Inocybe for some ideas and testing.

UPDATE 06. March 17: Lacerate now turns red when it reaches 3.5 seconds so you know when to refresh to get the maximum count of 15.5 seconds.

This is a collection of more than 58 auras:

Line Lacerate (texture)
Line FlaStrike (texture)
GCD SV (aurabar)
MG Fury (aurabar)
Flanking Strike CD (icon)
Flanking Strike (icon)
Mongoose Bite OOC (icon)
Carve CD (icon)
Carve (icon)
Snake Hunter CD (icon)
Snake Hunter (icon)
Snake Hunter 0stack (icon)
AMoC CD SV (icon)
AMoC SV (icon)
AMoC UP SV (icon)
Lace CD (icon)
Lace (icon)
Lace UP (icon)
ExploTrap CD (icon)
ExploTrap (icon)
ExploTrap UP (icon)
DragoGren CD (icon)
DragoGren (icon)
DragoGren UP (icon)
Butchery CD (icon)
Butchery (icon)
MG CD (icon)
MB (icon)
Asp:Chet 3 2 2 (icon)
Asp:Chet 2 2 2 2 (icon)
Asp:Tur 2 2 2 (icon)
Muzzle CD (icon)
Muzzle (icon)
Exhil UP 2 2 2 (icon)
no Pet IC 2 2 (icon)
no Pet OOC 2 2 (icon)
no Died 2 2 (texture)
no Died TXT 2 2 (text)
BG OOC SV (texture)
BG Combat SV (texture)
FocusSV (aurabar)
FocusAspotE (aurabar)
Focus MGFury (aurabar)
Focus MGFury AspotE (aurabar)
Focus OOC SV (aurabar)
Focus ShrinkSV (aurabar)
Focus Shrink MG Fury UP 2 (aurabar)
Mongoose Fury (icon)
Mok'Nathal Tactics (icon)
Caltrops (icon)
On the Trail (icon)
Serpent Sting (icon)
Butcher's Apron Full (icon)
Butcher's Apron (icon)
Steel Trap (icon)
Sephuz's Secret Available (icon)
Sephuz's Secret CD (icon)
Sephuz's Secret Active (aurabar)
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