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Based off Cyous' one with minor adjustments to the size of certain things and locations. Mainly to fit my UI. https://wago.io/p/Cyous

The UI I use on all my characters. The goal was to make it Clean and Simple. It's uncluttered and only shows the information that is relevant in combat.

It's effective in raids, dungeons and general world content and is designed for Tank, DPS and Healers.

To be used in conjunction with my Addon settings found in the video.

ElvUI setup:

Balance Druid WA's.
Boomkin Buffs - https://wago.io/N1OSd6t0f
Druid Forms - https://wago.io/EyocFaKRf
AP Bar: https://wago.io/4ymz2atCM
AP Icons: https://wago.io/VyyfTpt0f

Unit Frames
Party Frame
Boss Frames
Overall Reskin
Embedded Chat & DMG Meter
Buffs & Debuffs
Databars & Datatext

Any questions? Contact me on.
YouTube: www.youtube.com/BrbteabreakTV
Twitter: www.twitter.com/BrbteabreakTV

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AP_NumFOE (text)
FOE_Smart (text)
AstralBar_Shiny (model)
AstralBar_Shiny_FOE (model)
AP_Starfall (aurabar)
AP_Bar (aurabar)
AP_PredictBarSpark (aurabar)
AP_CastBarLine (aurabar)
CA_INC (icon)
CA_READY (icon)
CA_CD (icon)
INC_READY (icon)
INC_CD (icon)
MoonMoon (icon)
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AP_Bar_BACKUP (aurabar)
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