T19 - Nighthold (Flex, Mythic)
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Comprehensive collection of de/buff indicators (tanks included) and cast alerts for NH.
Trial of Valor: https://wago.io/VJgV_EixG
Emerald Nightmare: https://wago.io/V1w_zZzFb

Several of these auras include sound cues (as non-annoying as possible). These can be removed or changed through the Actions tab on a per-aura basis OR as a group. Throughout Nighthold's lifespan, these auras will be updated for completion and brevity as the raid is cleared and strategies solidify.

Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions: https://twitter.com/mfwchris

SK - Arcane Tether (Tank)
SK - Shockwave Cast
SK - Focused Blast Cast
SK - Focused Blast Stun
SK - Energy Surge
SK - Broken Shard (Safety)
SK (M) - Toxic Chitin

CA - Temporal Charge (Tank)
CA - Chronometric Particles (Tank)
CA - Time Release
CA - Time Bomb
CA - Temporal Orb

TR - Arcane Slash (Tank)
TR - Food Buffs/Debuffs
TR - Annihilation
TR - Arcane Seepage
TR - Arcing Bonds

SA - Annihilate (Tank)
SA - Mark Debuffs
SA - Detonation Casts
SA - Frostbitten
SA - Entombed
SA - Bad Stuff (Fire, etc.)
SA (M) - Fel Stomp

TC - Feast of Blood (Tank)
TC - Carrion Plague
TC - Seeker Swarm Cast
TC - Brand of Argus
TC - Echoes of the Void
TC - Carrion Nightmare Stun
TC - Essence of Night
TC - Add Debuffs
TC - Bad Stuff (Fire, etc.)

KR - Searing Brand (Tank)
KR - Fel Beam Cast
KR - Orb of Destruction
KR - Burning Pitch

HB - Recursive Strikes (Tank)
HB - Parasitic Fetter
HB - Parasitic Fixate
HB - Toxic Spores
HB - Plasma Explosion
HB - Call of Night
HB - Grace of Nature Alert

ST - Gravitational (Tank)
ST - Absolute Zero (Tank)
ST - Chilled/Frozen
ST - Ejection Indicators
ST - Burst Debuffs
ST - Felflame
ST - Nova Cast Alerts
ST - Witness the Void
ST (M) - Star Signs
ST (M) - Frigid Pulse

GM - Ablation Debuffs (Tank)
GM - Time De/buffs
GM - Spanning Singularity
GM - Delphuric Chaos
GM - Permeliative Torment
GM - Conflexive Burst

GD - Fury of the Fel (Tank)
GD - Shatter Essence Cast (Tank)
GD - Add Debuffs
GD - Liquid Hellfire Cast
GD - Bonds of Fel
GD - Eye of Gul'dan
GD - Flames of Sargeras
GD - Soul Siphon
GD - Soul Corrosion
GD - Essence of Aman'Thul
GD - Bad Stuff (Fire, etc.)
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[TEMPLATE] Icon with extra text area
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(2 texts, 1icon...?)

Note: See the whole collection: https://wago.io/Vkp4i1tXf

This is a bare template for an Icon type aura with no trigger or conditions (you add those), but with an extra, fully customisable, text area added.

Display settings for this text area are found in the Actions > On Init > Custom area.

Within those settings there's two options for the actual text displayed. You can use the "Simple Text Output"; this works very similarly to the regular text box for icons in the Display tab, and accepts some of the usual placeholders (%s, %p, etc.). Alternatively, with the Simple Text Output left empty, you can use a "Custom Function" (positioned just below in the settings) for more complex or dynamic outputs.

NOTE: The extra text is actually sent via the Custom Text box in the Display settings. As long as the "%c" remains in that box you can add to it as you like without any issues. For example if you want the default icon text to show stacks then you would use "%c%s" or it could say "%cPepe" and the normal text would output "Pepe" while still sending the Alt Text. Just leave the "%c" in there somewhere.

If you want to use a Custom Function for the regular icon text this is fine too. just leave the first line of the custom function as it is and feel free to return whatever you like after that.

Update (13/12/16): Now supports rotation of the text.
Update (05/12/16): Now has simple text input (not just a custom function) and also supports placeholders (e.g. "%p", etc.)
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All you need to know: Shaman - Enhancement - Legion | v7.1.5 ready
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It's (nearly) all you need to know for Enhancement in Legion right now.
I suggest you also to grab the Addon Hekili and put it in the black placeholder in the middle like shown in my videos (I reduced it to 1 icon).
!!! The WeakAuras I have in my bundle that are in the middle are just an overlay for the Addon Hekili !!!
I personally like to have shown as much as I "need to know".
This is a set of WeakAuras to show me things so I can react to it.
It also supports some other talents that are not common right now.

(You can see my WeakAuras in action in my latest video.)

If you find any problems or have suggestions - let me know.

This is a collection of 56 auras:

MaelStromBar (aurabar)
BF Buff (aurabar)
BF Buff Low (aurabar)
BF Buff Missing (aurabar)
RainFall (aurabar)
WindRushTotem (aurabar)
AstralShift Ready (icon)
AstralShift UP (icon)
AstralShift Healing (icon)
AstralShift CD (icon)
Tier 3 Talent UP (icon)
Tier 3 Talent UP 2 (icon)
Tier 3 Talent UP 3 (icon)
Tier 3 Talent Down (icon)
Tier 3 Talent Down 2 (icon)
Tier 3 Talent Down 3 (icon)
FlameTongue Down (icon)
FlameTongue UP (icon)
FlameTongue UP Pandemic (icon)
FrostBrand Down (icon)
FrostBrand UP (icon)
FrostBrand UP Pandemic (icon)
CrashLightning UP (icon)
CrashLightning CD (icon)
CrashLightning UP UP (icon)
CrashingStorms 2 (icon)
DoomHammer Ready (icon)
DoomHammer UP (icon)
DoomHammer CD (icon)
Ascendance Ready (icon)
Ascendance UP (icon)
Ascendance CD (icon)
FeralSpirit Ready (icon)
FeralSpirit UP (icon)
Alpha Wolf Uptime 2 (icon)
FeralSpirit AlphaWolf (icon)
FeralSpirit AlphaWolf Spiral (icon)
Alpha Wolf Uptime (text)
Alpha Wolf 2 (text)
FeralSpirit CD (icon)
FuryOfTheAir UP (icon)
FuryOfTheAir UP LowMP (icon)
FuryOfTheAir Down (icon)
FuryOfTheAir Down NoFight (icon)
SunderIng Ready (icon)
SunderIng NoMP (icon)
SunderIng CD (icon)
HotHand UP (progresstexture)
HotHand UP Sec (progresstexture)
WingSong Ready (icon)
WingSong UP (icon)
WingSong CD (icon)
Kick (aurabar)
Gathering Storm (icon)
Unleash Doom UP (icon)
WindStrikesHaste (icon)
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