Tehr's RaidCDs, ExternalCDs, UtilityCDs, ImmunityCDs, AoECCs, RezCDs, & Interrupts
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Hey guys, if you notice any bugs or problems of any sort, or need any help with bugs or customizing, please either comment here, send me a message on Discord (Tehr#5246), or @Tehr ping me in the Official WeakAuras Discord (any channel) and I'll help you out as soon as I can.

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Most Recent Update:

Allows the player to choose the rate at which GroupPoll will poll the group to check for CDs (and stuff like spec changes)
Allows the player to choose if you want to display the aura when you're not in a group (e.g. to display just your own abilities)
Now shows the Background (and Buttons) when you're in a Scenario
Added a debug feature
GroupPoll now loads both in and out of combat by default
Changing the anchor position to make the aura grow down now lines up correctly once again

I am an idiot. When I released Update 70, I thought I had broken something because only the CDs of two people were showing up. Turns out it's because I forgot to delete a line that I was testing.
That being said, I did find some bugs in the code that only occurred when joining a group and not reloading your UI, so I guess it's for the best. These bugs are fixed, and this should once again be bug-free.

Disable or delete the old version when updating to a new version in order to ensure bug-free use.


, see adjustments below on how to hide it. Deleting the background entirely will disable buttons, and can potentially cause annoying errors.

This WeakAura displays players' names and their associated abilities. Currently tracks every External CD, Raid CD, Utility CD, Immunity CD, AoE Stun, Battle Rez, and Interrupt that I find important enough to track.

If a player is dead, the CD on their ability (or "READY", if it's available) will turn to gray so you know what you can and cannot call for.

If a player has a talent or artifact trait selected that reduces the CD on a certain ability, there will be a "+" displayed after the ability name to indicate this (e.g. "Grasp+" instead of "Grasp" if a Blood DK has Tightening Grasp as a talent).

To reset sections of the aura, click the small "R" button in the top right corner (when maximized) and select which section you wish to reset.

To reset the entire aura, right click the small "R" button in the top right corner.

To toggle individual sections, click the small "S" button in the top right corner (when maximized) and select which section you wish to show/hide.

To minimize the entire aura, right click the small "S" button in the top right corner. Once the aura is hidden, click the "show" button in the bottom left corner to display it again.

To hide the background, or to adjust its darkness, click the small "S" button in the top-right corner of the Background, click "Toggle Background Slider", and adjust the slider to your liking. Click the "S" button and click "Toggle Background Slider" to hide the slider again. Remember, deleting the background entirely will disable buttons, and can potentially cause annoying errors.


To resize the entire aura, go to "RaidCDs_NamesText" and adjust the font size, font type, etc., and then reload your UI for changes to take effect ("/reload"). The entire aura will resize based on your font size, and you do not need to change the positioning or font of any other auras.

To disable any individual cooldowns, go to "RaidCDs_GroupPoll" > Actions > On Init > "Expand Text Editor" and change "true" to "false" for the cooldowns you wish to disable.

To display Blessing of Protection (BoP) in the External section (displays in the Utility section by default), go to the "RaidCDs_GroupPoll" aura and change "BoPisUtility" to "false". Note that if you get a lot of lag when editing the WA, it is recommended you copy everything (ctrl-A ctrl-C) and edit it in a text editor like Notepad++,

To adjust how far in names are indented, go to "RaidCDs_NamesText" > Actions > On Init > "Expand Text Editor" and change how many spaces are in the local variable "aura_env.raidCDsIndentAmount". You can choose between 0 (no indent, just leave the quotes "") and approximately 7 (any more and the names start overlapping with the CD name). Default is two spaces.

To display the aura when you're not in a group, go to "RaidCDs_NamesText" > Actions > On Init > "Expand Text Editor" and change "aura_env.displayWhenSolo" to "true" if you want to display the aura at all times.

To make the aura grow downwards instead of upwards, change the Anchor Point of NamesText, Background, and CDText to "Top Left" instead of "Bottom Left", and change the Anchor Point of TimesText to "Top Right" instead of "Bottom Right". You may need to adjust the layout slightly after changing the anchor. It is also recommended that after you adjust the aura to your liking, you move the "RaidCDs_ButtonHandler" to the anchor point of the aura.

To remove the buttons, go into RaidCDs_ButtonHandler --> Actions tab --> On Init > "Expand Text Editor", uncheck the "custom" button, and then reload your UI.

Note that this WeakAura was originally written by Yuqii and can be found here. I've been heavily modifying this over the last two years, and have permission from Yuqii to continue to publicly work on this aura.

Does not track the three Beastmaster Battle Rezzes (Crane, Moth, Quillen)
For some reason doesn't like displaying more than 5 CDs of any given spec (e.g. if you have 8 Blood DKs, it will only show CDs for the first 5 players) NEEDS CONFIRMATION

TO-DO LIST: (no particular order)
Add Legendary item support (difficult)
Add support for the 4th point in each trait (time-consuming)
Allow you to have multiple displays active at once (duplicating causes a lot of issues right now) (difficult and time-consuming)
Add a menu to enable/disable individual cooldowns without accessing the code (difficult and time-consuming)

ExternalsRaid CDsUtility CDsImmunitiesAoE CCInterruptsBattle Rezzes
RacialsWar StompArcane Torrent
Death KnightGorefiend's GraspMind FreezeRaise Ally
Demon HunterDarknessNetherwalkChaos Nova
Sigil of Chains
DruidIron BarkTranquilityInnervate
Stampeding Roar
Ursol's Vortex
Solar Beam
Skull Bash
HunterMisdirectAspect of the TurtleBinding ShotCounter Shot
MageIce BlockSupernovaCounterspell
MonkLife CocoonRevivalLeg SweepSpear Hand Strike
PaladinBlessing of Sacrifice
Blessing of Protection
Blessing of Spellwarding
Aegis of Light
Aura Mastery
Blessing of ProtectionDivine ShieldRebuke
PriestGuardian Spirit
Pain Suppression
Divine Hymn
Power Word: Barrier
Vampiric Embrace
Leap of Faith
Symbol of Hope
Mind BombSilence
RogueTricks of the TradeCloak of ShadowsKick
ShamanAncestral Guidance
Healing Tide Totem
Spirit Link Totem
Ancestral Protection Totem
Wind Rush TotemLightning Surge TotemWind ShearAnkh
WarlockSummon Infernal
Spell LockSoulstone
WarriorSafeguardCommanding ShoutShockwavePummel

Background will now correctly hide when everything else is hidden
LOL the bug was really dumb, and so am I. This is the fixed version of Update 69. Also added a debug feature so if this happens again I can figure out what's happening, and made it so changing the anchor position to make the aura grow down now lines up correctly once again

Reverting back to Update 67 until I can solve some bugs introduced in the most recent two updates

GroupPoll now loads both in and out of combat by default, allows the player to choose the polling rate of GroupPoll, and fixed a bug where the Engine was not detecting player casts when not in a group
Allows the player to choose if you want to display the aura when you're not in a group (e.g. to display just your own abilities), and shows the Background (and Buttons) when you're in a Scenario

Added a "What's New?" aura to tell the user what was added in the most recent update.
Added a slider to allow the player to adjust Background Alpha in-game

The aura will now auto-resize depending on the font size/type of NamesText (requires reloadui), including the width and height of the background, as well as the font size/type of the other auras in the group

Settings you change with the buttons will now persist through logout, also changed a few settings around to reduce system strain (lag) in combat

Added the Show All CDs button for use after you've toggled individual sections off with the buttons
Typhoon now tracks the correct SpellID, and will thus correctly display when Typhoon has been used
Displays an Eggo-related sample text ONLY on April 1st and 2nd
Added Druid's Typhoon (and the April Fools sample text when you have the WeakAuras options open and you're not in a group)

Added Warlock's Spell Lock and Shadow Lock interrupts

You can now change Raid Settings independently of General Settings. Additionally, Battle Rez CDs automatically reset when a raid encounter ends

You can now enable/disable individual CDs in "RaidCDs_GroupPoll" > Actions > On Init > "Expand Text Editor" by changing "true" to "false" for whatever CD you wish to hide (for example if you really don't care about Misdirection or Tricks of the Trade but want to see the rest of the Utility CDs, you can disable them)

Added a new button that allows you to easily toggle individual sections without editing the code (replaces the Minimize button); note that these changes only affect the current game session, and logging out or reloading your UI will reset your display options to whatever is set in the "On Init" of NamesText. Also, Artifact Support has been rolled into the baseline CDs under the assumption that the vast majority of players have 34+ traits

Added Immunity CD tracking (the Mythic Botanist struggle is real) and moved the NamesText options to On Init instead of Display Text to prevent the lag. Also added Misdirection and Tricks of the Trade

Added a Raid Battle Rez counter when in a raid encounter (thanks Krazyito for the code and help!)

Fixed a small bug where Spellward wouldn't un-track if you specced out of it, and fixed some problems with the buttons

Added Arcane Torrent (Blood Elf) and War Stomp (Tauren)

Fixed a bug where mages swapping from Arcane to another spec would still display Supernova, and added a note about "Blessings of the Silver Hand" in the code

Now tracks "Blessings of the Silver Hand" for Holy Paladins, and now lets you choose whether BoP is displayed in External CDs or in Utility CDs (designed for tanks that display External CDs and hide everything else but still want to see BoP)

Changed the cooldowns of Aegis of Light, Gorefiend's Grasp, and Sigil of Chains. Removed Nether Bond

Added a minimize and maximize button, and a reset button (left click to choose which section to reset, right click to reset all sections), and you now have the option to track Ankh but hide the rest of the Battle Rezzes while in a raid

Added "Protector of the Ashen" Artifact Trait for Ret Pallies (thanks Lucivero), fixed "Pain is in your Mind" Artifact Trait tracking for Disc Priests (it wasn't properly reducing the CD), and added a way to display Battle Rezzes in raids (I high recommend you leave this disabled since Battle Rez CDs are done on a group-basis, and a player's individual CD doesn't matter)

Fixed "Sacrifice of the Just" Artifact Trait for Prot Pallies, and made it so the aura displays sample text when you have the options open and are in a group alone (so you can make adjustments without sitting in a party)

Ankh should now be working (I was tracking the wrong SpellID before), and you should no longer receive errors if you delete the Background

I broke some stuff in the 12/12 update (whoops!), that stuff is now fixed; by proxy, Crowd Control is in its own section now (if you want it back in UtilityCDs, tell me). Also, Gorefiend's Grasp and Sigil of Chains are now in the Crowd Control section. Lastly, I fixed the error that popped up when a player was unsuccessfully inspected (should no longer get any errors from this, it will ignore inspect errors and continue).

I've added in AoE stun abilities to the UtilityCDs section; this section has similar settings to the Interrupts section, and will by default display only when 1) the player is not in a raid, or 2) show_aoeCCs_inRaid is set to true.

I've added the ability to manually reset the WA (read the description), in addition to adding Combat Resurrections, as well as some back-end improvements.

Due to popular request, Blessing of Protection is now a Utility CD instead of an External CD.

By default now only displays Interrupts when NOT in a Raid. You can still override that setting and disable Interrupts permanently, and additionally you can choose to display Interrupts in raid if you'd like (change "shows_allInterrupts_inDungeonOnly" to "false" if you want Interrupts to be displayed in Raids).

I am temporarily removing support for Protection Paladin's artifact trait that displays Sac with reduced cooldown until I find a solution to a bug that causes the cooldown to never display.

Bug-fixing! Turns out Stampeding Roar was not being correctly tracked if the player did not have the Guttural Roars talent (love me some SpellID changes [/meme]), which by extension meant that Stampeding Roar was never tracked for Feral Druids.

Some minor bug-fixing (recently started getting a lot of errors and I'm not sure why, but the WA still functions just the same as normal), as of now you can actually disable External CDs without fucking up the formatting.

Now works for non-English clients (I THINK!). If you have any issues with a language not working let me know. Note that this does not mean that the display will be translated (it will still display CD names in English), it won't just error out in a non-English client (or simply not display any CDs).

Now tracks Guardian Angel talent, Sacrifice of the Just artifact trait, and Pain is in Your Mind artifact trait. However, the two artifact traits must be tracked manually until I figure out how to find the information I need from the inspect API.
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Boomkin Buffs - BrbteabreakTV
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 26th 2017 User BrbteabreakTV Views 731 Comments 0 Stars 1
Tracks all my internal CD's, as well as Externals from other raid memebers. Helpful for knowing when important buffs like Heroism/Bloodlust, Potions and Trinket Procs are active.

The UI I use on all my characters. The goal was to make it Clean and Simple. It's uncluttered and only shows the information that is relevant in combat.

It's effective in raids, dungeons and general world content and is designed for Tank, DPS and Healers.

To be used in conjunction with my Addon settings found in the video.

ElvUI setup:

Balance Druid WA's.
Boomkin Buffs - https://wago.io/N1OSd6t0f
Druid Forms - https://wago.io/EyocFaKRf
AP Bar: https://wago.io/4ymz2atCM
AP Icons: https://wago.io/VyyfTpt0f

Unit Frames
Party Frame
Boss Frames
Overall Reskin
Embedded Chat & DMG Meter
Buffs & Debuffs
Databars & Datatext

Any questions? Contact me on.
YouTube: www.youtube.com/BrbteabreakTV
Twitter: www.twitter.com/BrbteabreakTV

This is a collection of 24 auras:

Lust Druid (icon)
Potion (icon)
Warrior of Elune (icon)
Incarnation Guardian (icon)
Incarnation Balance Buff (icon)
Incarnation Feral (icon)
Celestial Alignment Buff (icon)
Berserk (icon)
Starfall (icon)
Innervate Buff (icon)
Barkskin Buff (icon)
Frenzied Regen Buff (icon)
Survival Instincts Buff (icon)
Bristling Fur Buff (icon)
Rage of the Sleeper Buff (icon)
Stampeding Roar Buff (icon)
Dash Buff (icon)
Whisper Debuff (icon)
Frenzied Regen (icon)
Ironbark (icon)
Guardian Spirit Buff (icon)
Life Cocoon Buff (icon)
Metronome Buff (icon)
Whisper Buff (icon)
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Resto Druid HUD by Deptree Sargeras
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 25th 2017 User Deptree Views 2,468 Comments 0 Stars 3
Update April 25 5:05 PM MST: Made better Mana bar and fixed innervate only being available on certain talents. Going to readjust some sizes to make some important icons more visible.

Update April 24 12:00 PM MST: This weakaura has been significantly updated. Made everything a lot smaller and fit in one box. Will be updating the weakaura tomorrow to clean it up before everyone gets to raid!

Update April 20 3:00 PM MST: Changed bar textures *STILL WIP*. Mana potion/prolonged power available is the light blue side bars. Innervate is the bottom bar. The mana bar is on top. Also deleted an accidental abundance icon. I am also planning on reducing the overall size of this weakaura by roughly 10-25% but this will be done at a later date. During this reduction I will add icons for auras and the trinkit of the legendaries. After, I will try to add popular trinkets into it also.

Update April 19 9:25 PM MST: Added icons for: Abundance stack count/missing, cultivation, typhoon, mass entanglement, wild charge, and renewal. Added temporary innervate bar for when SOTF isn't selected.

Update April 18 4:30 PM MST: Changed the ugly recycle innervate icon into a beam for when tree of life is selected. This beam is still WIP. Also added two TEMPORARY side bars for your Nature's Control Tier talent and ursols vortex and then your movement talent and dash on the left and right side. This is a temporary addition to this weakaura and will be its own independent import in the future. Debating creating a custom images folder that would be required for import of the weakaura because I would really like better images for efflorescence, sotf, innervate beam for when tree is selected, archdruid proc, clearcasting, and astral harmony. But this won't be for some time.

Update April 17 6:45 P.M. MST: Moved Tree of Life Icon Into Border. Created Recycle Texture for Innervate placed outside the border. This Innervate texture is only active when tree of life is selected and an innervate icon remains within the border when tree of life isn't selected. Please let me know if this doesn't feel consistent enough. Potion Ready removed as bar and changed into a drop for a drop of mana xD.

Going to probably add some height to the astral harmony t19 4pc proc bar in the next build.

Update April 17 6:05 P.M. MST: Added Soul of the Forest Animation. Currently implementd a temporary tree of life icon on the top right. I personally really don't like this and am in the process of deciding the best way of implementing it. Currently, the thought is to remove the innervate icon when tree of life is selected and create it into a texture outside of the box, and keeping it as an icon for when tree of life isn't selected. Thoughts on this are appreciated.

BTAG: Depti#11747 or Deptree on Sargeras

Hello. I am currently rerolling resto druid and thought the weakaura's that were currently available were insufficient for my playstyle so I started creating this weakaura group. While I am a weakaura veteran I consider myself an intermediate rdruid! I am still building this weakaura message me at Depti#11747 for suggestions! I will update this weakaura every patch.

Things being added already: Soul of the Forest and Incarnation: Tree of Life

I use Masque Shadow 4 in combination with this weakaura. This weakaura is WIP and updated almost daily
This is a collection of 37 auras:

Depti Background (texture)
Wild Growth (icon)
Wild Growth CD (icon)
Tranquility (icon)
Tranquility CD (icon)
Ironbark (icon)
Ironbark CD (icon)
EoG w/Flourish (icon)
EoG CD w/Flourish (icon)
EoG (icon)
EoG CD plain (icon)
Flourish (icon)
Flourish CD (icon)
SMend w/Cward (icon)
Smend CD w/Cward (icon)
Cward (icon)
Cward CD (icon)
SMend (icon)
Smend CD (icon)
Vate (icon)
Vate CD (icon)
NC (icon)
Cure CD (icon)
Lifebloom Buff 2 (text)
Lifebloom Buff Warning (text)
Lifebloom Buff Target 2 (text)
Lifebloom Buff Target Warning (text)
Clearcasting (icon)
LB Missing 2 (icon)
Astral Harmony (progresstexture)
Barkskin Self (progresstexture)
Barkskin R (texture)
Power of the Arch (texture)
Power of the Arch 2 (texture)
Efflorescence (text)
Efflorescence 6 (texture)
Efflorescence 5 (texture)
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T19 - Nighthold Auras (All Bosses H/M Ready)
WEAKAURA Updated Apr 25th 2017 User Kirin Views 37,345 Comments 4 Stars 14
Collection for all Nighthold bosses.

- (Tank) Arcane Tether
- Shockwave
- Focused Blast
- Broken Shard
- (M) Toxic Chitin
- (M) Volatile Fragment
- (M) Acidic Fragment

- Speed:Normal, Slow, and Fast
- (Tank) Chronometric Particles
- Temporal Charge
- Temporal Smash
- Time Bomb
- Power Overwhelming

- (Tank) Arcane Slash
- Arcing Bonds
- Toxic Slice
- Stuffed
- Succulent Feast
- Sterillize

- Icy, Fiery, and Magic Enchantments
- (Tank) Annihilated
- Mark of Frost (warning and debuff)
- Frostbitten
- Searing Brand (warning and debuff)

- (M) Grand Conjunction
- (M) Star Signs
- (Tank) Gravitational Pulls: frost, fel, and void
- Chilled
- (Tank) Absolute Zero
- Icy, Fel, and Void Ejections
- Frigid, and Fel Novas
- (Tank) Felburst and Voidburst
- Void Shift
- Witness the Void

- (Tank) Searing Brand
- Burning Pitch
- (H/M) Burning Embers

- (Tank) Recursive Strike
- Parasitic Fetter
- Plasma Explosion
- Call of Night

- (Tank) Feast of Blood
- Echoes of the Void
- Illusionary Night
- Carrion Plague
- Essence of Nightmare
- Volatile Wound
- (Healer) Burning Soul
- (Mythic) Essences of Nightmare counter

- Slow and Fast Time
- (Tank) Ablation and Ablating Explosion
- Delphuric Beam
- Epocheric Orb
- Conflexive Burst
- Permeliative Torment

- Boss Energy (for Fel Scythe)
- (DPS) Time Dilation
- Scattering Field
- Eye of Gul'dan
- Shatter Essence
- Bonds of Fel
- Flames of Sargeras
- Soul Siphon
- Drain
- Soul Corrosion
- (M) Parasitic Wound
- (M) Bulwark of Azzinoth
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