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Tehr's RaidCDs, ExternalCDs, UtilityCDs, AoECCs, RezCDs, & Interrupts
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Hey guys, if you know about a Talent or Artifact Trait that changes the CD of an ability (no Honor Talents, please) and I have not already added tracking for it, please either comment here or send me a message on Discord (Tehr#5246, Discord is much faster) and I'll update this ASAP!

Delete or rename the old version when updating to a new version! Not doing so will cause scaling to mess up.


, see adjustments below on how to hide it.

This WeakAura displays players' names and their associated abilities. Currently tracks every External CD, Utility CD, Raid CD, AoE Stun, Battle Rez, and Interrupt that I find important enough to track (or know how to track... looking at you, pet classes).

If a player is dead, the CD on their ability (or "READY", if it's available) will turn to gray so you know what you can and cannot call for.

If a player has a talent or artifact trait selected that reduces the CD on a certain ability, there will be a "+" displayed after the ability name to indicate this (e.g. "Grasp+" instead of "Grasp" if a Blood DK has Tightening Grasp as a talent).

To reset the aura, click the small "R" button in the top right corner (when maximized) and select which section you wish to reset.

To minimize the entire aura, click the small "-" button in the top right corner. Once the aura is hidden, click the "show" button in the bottom left corner to display it again.


To add artifact support, e.g. if you know a Protection Paladin that has the "Sacrifice of the Just" Artifact Trait, a Retribution Paladin with the "Protector of the Ashen" Artifact Trait, a Holy Paladin with the "Blessings of the Silver Hand" Artifact Trait, or a Discipline Priests with the "Pain is in Your Mind" Artifact Trait, put his or her name in brackets and quotes inside the curly brackets at the top of the "RaidCDs_GroupPoll" display text and then indicate how many points they have allocated by adding "= 1", "= 2", or "= 3" (e.g. local paladinWithTraitName = { ["Tehr"] = 1 }) and the code will take care of the rest. Note that because Paladins can only get one point in "Sacrifice of the Just", adding any other number besides "= 1" will cause Blessing of Sacrifice to be treated as if the Paladin did not have the trait. Unfortunately, the same applies to the other Artifact Traits with 4 or more points (even though you can get more than 3 points with Relics, I have to add quite a bit of code and the relics are often not desirable anyway).

To change how high the background scales (if you change the font size), go to the very bottom of "RaidCDs_NamesText" and changing the numbers to suit your font. The first number ("lineCount * 11") will generally match up to the font size you choose (so increase it to 14 if you set the font to size 14), and the second number (" - 10) is to make adjustments depending on characteristics of the font you choose.

To hide the background, or to adjust its darkness, go to "RaidCDs_Background", and change the alpha of the background color. Currently set to 50% alpha, 0% is invisible and 100% is pure black. Deleting the background entirely will disable the ability to minimize the aura.

To disable any of the sections (External CDs, Raid CDs, Utility CDs, AoE CC, Battle Rezzes, or Interrupts), go to "RaidCDs_NamesText" and change "true" to "false" for the sections you wish to disable (e.g. to disable Interrupts, change "local show_allInterrupts = true;" to "false;").

To display Interrupts/AoE CCs/Battle Rezzes in raid (defaults to Hidden when in a Raid, Displayed everywhere else), go to "RaidCDs_NamesText" and change "shows_allInterrupts_inRaids" to "true".

To display Blessing of Protection (BoP) in the External section (displays in the Utility section by default), go to the "RaidCDs_GroupPoll" aura and change "BoPisUtility" to "false". Note that if you get a lot of lag when editing the WA, it is recommended you copy everything (ctrl-A ctrl-C) and edit it in a text editor like Notepad++,

To adjust how far in names are indented, go to "RaidCDs_NamesText" and change how many spaces are in the local variable "raidCDsIndentAmount". You can choose between 0 (no indent, just leave the quotes "") and approximately 7 (any more and the names start overlapping with the CD name). Default is two spaces.

To make the aura grow downwards instead of upwards, change the Anchor Point of NamesText, Background, CDText, and TimeText to "Top Left" instead of "Bottom Left". It's likely that the aura will no longer be aligned properly, so keep in mind that you need to adjust it slightly after changing the anchor. It is also recommended that after you adjust the aura to your liking, you move the "RaidCDs_ButtonHandler" to anchor point of the aura.

To remove the buttons, go into RaidCDs_Background --> Actions tab --> On Init, uncheck the "custom" button, and then reload your UI.

Note that this WeakAura was originally written by Yuqii and can be found here. I've been heavily modifying this over the last two years, and have permission from Yuqii to continue to publicly work on this aura.

Does not track Warlock Fel Hunter's Spell Lock ability or the three Beastmaster Battle Rezzes (Crane, Moth, Quillen).


Raise Ally


Skull Bash
Mind Freeze
Consume Magic
Wind Shear
Spear Hand Strike
Counter Shot
Solar Beam
Arcane Torrent


Divine Hymn
Ancestral Guidance
Commanding Shout
Healing Tide Totem
Spirit Link Totem
Power Word: Barrier
Aura Mastery
Aegis of Light
Ancestral Protection Totem
Vampiric Embrace


Nether Bond
Blessing of Sacrifice
Blessing of Spellwarding
Life Cocoon
Pain Suppression
Guardian Spirit


Blessing of Protection
Stampeding Roar
Symbol of Hope
Wind Rush Totem
Leap of Faith


Lightning Surge Totem
Summon Infernal
Binding Shot
Leg Sweep
Ursol's Vortex
Supernova (not a stun but yolo)
Mind Bomb
Chaos Nova
Gorefiend's Grasp
Sigil of Chains
War Stomp

Added Arcane Torrent (Blood Elf) and War Stomp (Tauren)

Fixed a bug where mages swapping from Arcane to another spec would still display Supernova, and added a note about "Blessings of the Silver Hand" in the code

Now tracks "Blessings of the Silver Hand" for Holy Paladins, and now lets you choose whether BoP is displayed in External CDs or in Utility CDs (designed for tanks that display External CDs and hide everything else but still want to see BoP)

Changed the cooldowns of Aegis of Light, Gorefiend's Grasp, and Sigil of Chains. Removed Nether Bond

Added a minimize and maximize button, and a reset button (left click to choose which section to reset, right click to reset all sections), and you now have the option to track Ankh but hide the rest of the Battle Rezzes while in a raid

Added "Protector of the Ashen" Artifact Trait for Ret Pallies (thanks Lucivero), fixed "Pain is in your Mind" Artifact Trait tracking for Disc Priests (it wasn't properly reducing the CD), and added a way to display Battle Rezzes in raids (I high recommend you leave this disabled since Battle Rez CDs are done on a group-basis, and a player's individual CD doesn't matter)

Fixed "Sacrifice of the Just" Artifact Trait for Prot Pallies, and made it so the aura displays sample text when you have the options open and are in a group alone (so you can make adjustments without sitting in a party)

Ankh should now be working (I was tracking the wrong SpellID before), and you should no longer receive errors if you delete the Background

I broke some stuff in the 12/12 update (whoops!), that stuff is now fixed; by proxy, Crowd Control is in its own section now (if you want it back in UtilityCDs, tell me). Also, Gorefiend's Grasp and Sigil of Chains are now in the Crowd Control section. Lastly, I fixed the error that popped up when a player was unsuccessfully inspected (should no longer get any errors from this, it will ignore inspect errors and continue).

I've added in AoE stun abilities to the UtilityCDs section; this section has similar settings to the Interrupts section, and will by default display only when 1) the player is not in a raid, or 2) show_aoeCCs_inRaid is set to true.

I've added the ability to manually reset the WA (read the description), in addition to adding Combat Resurrections, as well as some back-end improvements.

Due to popular request, Blessing of Protection is now a Utility CD instead of an External CD.

By default now only displays Interrupts when NOT in a Raid. You can still override that setting and disable Interrupts permanently, and additionally you can choose to display Interrupts in raid if you'd like (change "shows_allInterrupts_inDungeonOnly" to "false" if you want Interrupts to be displayed in Raids).

I am temporarily removing support for Protection Paladin's artifact trait that displays Sac with reduced cooldown until I find a solution to a bug that causes the cooldown to never display.

Bug-fixing! Turns out Stampeding Roar was not being correctly tracked if the player did not have the Guttural Roars talent (love me some SpellID changes [/meme]), which by extension meant that Stampeding Roar was never tracked for Feral Druids.

Some minor bug-fixing (recently started getting a lot of errors and I'm not sure why, but the WA still functions just the same as normal), as of now you can actually disable External CDs without fucking up the formatting.

Now works for non-English clients (I THINK!). If you have any issues with a language not working let me know. Note that this does not mean that the display will be translated (it will still display CD names in English), it won't just error out in a non-English client (or simply not display any CDs).

Now tracks Guardian Angel talent, Sacrifice of the Just artifact trait, and Pain is in Your Mind artifact trait. However, the two artifact traits must be tracked manually until I figure out how to find the information I need from the inspect API.
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T19 - Nighthold (Flex, Mythic)
WEAKAURA Updated Jan 19th 2017 User Chrissinger Views 12,119 Comments 2 Stars 20
Comprehensive collection of de/buff indicators (tanks included) and cast alerts for NH.
Trial of Valor: https://wago.io/VJgV_EixG
Emerald Nightmare: https://wago.io/V1w_zZzFb

Several of these auras include sound cues (as non-annoying as possible). These can be removed or changed through the Actions tab on a per-aura basis OR as a group. Throughout Nighthold's lifespan, these auras will be updated for completion and brevity as the raid is cleared and strategies solidify.

Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions: https://twitter.com/mfwchris

SK - Arcane Tether (Tank)
SK - Shockwave Cast
SK - Focused Blast Cast
SK - Focused Blast Stun
SK - Energy Surge
SK - Broken Shard (Safety)
SK (M) - Toxic Chitin
SK (M) - Volatile Fragments

CA - Temporal Charge (Tank)
CA - Chronometric Particles (Tank)
CA - Time Release
CA - Time Bomb
CA - Temporal Orb

TR - Arcane Slash (Tank)
TR - Food Buffs/Debuffs
TR - Annihilation
TR - Arcane Seepage
TR - Arcing Bonds

SA - Annihilate (Tank)
SA - Mark Debuffs
SA - Detonation Casts
SA - Frostbitten
SA - Entombed
SA - Bad Stuff (Fire, etc.)
SA (M) - Fel Stomp

TC - Feast of Blood (Tank)
TC - Carrion Plague
TC - Seeker Swarm Cast
TC - Brand of Argus
TC - Echoes of the Void
TC - Carrion Nightmare Stun
TC - Essence of Night
TC - Add Phase Debuffs
TC - Bad Stuff (Fire, etc.)

KR - Searing Brand (Tank)
KR - Fel Beam Cast
KR - Orb of Destruction
KR - Burning Pitch

HB - Recursive Strikes (Tank)
HB - Parasitic Fetter
HB - Parasitic Fixate
HB - Toxic Spores
HB - Plasma Spheres Timer
HB - Call of Night
HB - Grace of Nature Alert

ST - Gravitational (Tank)
ST - Absolute Zero (Tank)
ST - Chilled/Frozen
ST - Ejection Indicators
ST - Burst Debuffs
ST - Felflame
ST - Nova Cast Alerts
ST - Witness the Void
ST (M) - Star Signs
ST (M) - Frigid Pulse

GM - Ablation Debuffs (Tank)
GM - Time Debuffs
GM - Spanning Singularity
GM - Delphuric Chaos
GM - Delphuric Cast Alert
GM - Permeliative Torment
GM - Conflexive Burst

GD - Fury of the Fel (Tank)
GD - Add Debuffs
GD - Liquid Hellfire Cast
GD - Bonds of Fel
GD - Flames of Sargeras
GD - Well of Souls
GD - Essence of Aman'Thul
GD - Bad Stuff (Fire, etc.)
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Frost Runes + RP + Tracker
WEAKAURA Updated Jan 19th 2017 User Tehr Views 8,845 Comments 4 Stars 5
19 January 2017:
Horn of Winter no longer displays two bars if you have Sindragosa's Fury as an Artifact Trait
29 October 2016:
Made it to Frozen Pulse will display with <=1 rune instead of =0 runes
13 September 2016:
Runic Power bar flashes when you're capped
12 September 2016:
Added Sindragosa's Fury cooldown and changed the format for Permafrost (oh god that circle was ugly I'm so sorry)

I've reached a point where my combined group is too big for WeakAuras to export, so unfortunately I have to separate this compilation into three separate groups, one for each spec.

Just Runes/RP here: https://wago.io/4y4BcVhQz
Blood is available here: https://wago.io/Vyagcc8dZ
Frost is available here: https://wago.io/41MU5qLOZ
Unholy is available here: https://wago.io/Ekb2iW5v-

Completely comprehensive for Blood, Frost, and Unholy

If you run into any bugs, hit me up on Discord: Tehr#5246

Looks like this when: (not in combat, no runes recharging, no RP, no active auras)


https://www.twitch.tv/tehrible/v/80938722 (shows tracking of the basics, plus Shattering Strikes, Frozen Pulse, Hungering Rune Weapon, and Glacial Advance)

https://www.twitch.tv/tehrible/v/80940350 (shows tracking of the basics, plus Icy Talons, Horn of Winter, and Breath of Sindragosa)

Frost Fever
Killing Machine
Shattering Strikes (flashing white behind RP)
Icy Talons (white bar moving behind RP)
Frozen Pulse (flashing white behind Runes)
Hungering Rune Weapon/Empowered Rune Weapon
Sindragosa's Fury
Glacial Advance
Breath of Sindragosa (shows current uptime, custom code by me)
Pillar of Frost
Remorseless Winter
Horn of Winter
T18 2-Piece (Obliteration and Frozen Wake, blue bars moving behind Killing Machine and Rime, respectively)
Icebound Fortitude
Anti-Magic Shell (AMS and IBF show when active http://i.imgur.com/8lluzc4.jpg)
Volatile Shielding (explosion damage)
Permafrost (shield amount)
Gathering Storm (Remorseless Winter damage increase)
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Khakhan's Prot War (1 of 2)
WEAKAURA Updated Jan 15th 2017 User Khakhan Views 43,418 Comments 28 Stars 21
Updated: Jan. 15th 7.1.5 Second update. Still more refining to come. The GIF is much more current than the video. If you are updating, remember to always "Delete Children and Group" the old auras.

  • Shield Slam now simply glows whenever it is available. It turns red if out of range.
  • Revenge will glow if it is usable and Shield Slam is on cooldown.
  • Thunderclap glows when Shield Slam and Revenge are on cooldown, as long as there are 3+ targets in range.
  • Neltharion's Fury and Thunderclap take up the same space. Neltharion's Fury has priority.
  • Battle Cry and Avatar take up the same space. Battle Cry has priority.
  • Ravager, Shockwave and Storm Bolt take up the same space. Ravager has priority.
  • If you have multiple defensive CD's active, then only one will display. The order:
    Shield Wall > Last Stand > Neltharion's Fury > Demoralizing Shout = Spell Reflect.

(Oct 5th change) If you have the "Vengeance" talent selected there are now several checks when the buffs are shown, the idea is it is safe to hit Ignore Pain when you see "IPain" and Focused Rage when it says "Focus".
"Vengeance: Ignore Pain" will display if: you have enough rage for a full Ignore Pain and the buff is active. OR if there are <5 seconds left on the buff.
"Vengeance: Focused Rage" will always display if you do NOT have Ultimatum talented and the Vengeance buff is active.
If you DO have Ultimatum talented, then the icon will only display if you have >= 58 rage (the rage cost of Focused Rage + Ignore Pain) and the Vengeance buff is active.

I had to separate the auras into 2 groups, need both.
Download Prot 2 HERE
I use the textures from Kui Nameplates which I recommend.

For any feedback, you can comment here or at my mmoc thread.

Bonus: Skittish Helper

Jan. 15th: Second Revision. Fixed Revenge to show the CD. I highly recommend Hamsda's Devastator aura, he did some great work on it, impressive. I still think more changes will happen with prot war soon, even post the large straight damage nerf. I will do more updates soon so, check back here or on my mmo thread.
Jan. 10th: First revision for 7.1.5 changes. Lots of changes to deal with. Added a swing timer for devastator and had to move around a bunch of stuff. Will do more later but the old one was pretty much unusable for 7.1.5 .
Nov. 7th: Revenge now only glows if <2sec remaining on Shield Slam if it's single target (Tayfun33 recommendation). Fixed a couple things in prot 2 to show out of combat, so you can maintain ignore pain a little easier.
Oct. 10th: If you have Vengeance talented, the icon will now alert you to use Focused Rage or Ignore Pain. Takes into account your current rage, the duration of the buff, Ultimatum and other things. Added an 'out of range' check for Shield Slam ( it turns red).
Oct. 5th: Trying out some new things that might help to use Vengeance perfectly. Will probably be updating a couple more times this week. I am a bit upset about Warrior nerfs and I feel the need to min/max. I fixed Impending Victory and uploaded the OOC Ignore Pain. I added an Out of Range check for Shield Slam. Also, updated to Hamsda's new code, following the powerful nerf yesterday. If you just want the Ignore Pain OOC and Impending Victory fix. the aura's to extract are: "Impending/Victory Rush"+"Victory Rush Low" and "Ignore Pain Huge OOC"

Sep. 26th: Built in Hamsda's ignore pain code, you can now see if you will go over cap and how much each ignore pain will give you. Orange means some of your ignore pain is wasted. Red means you will lose Ignore pain value if you cast it then.
Added a purple bar to indicate how far over your max HP you have in absorbs (see gif). The absorbs are 2 different colors because it looks really strange if they are both the same color.
Added a tick bar for Ignore Pain that updates if your rage cost is lowered (vengeance talent) will work post nerfs :(( [see GIF]
Moved heroic leap over to the right side. Moved Dragon Scales a little. both because of the new Ignore Pain text.
Made Victory Rush no longer shake if you have > 95% HP, even at <4sec.
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