Keggernaut's Vengeance DH UI 2.0
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This is a collection of 57 auras:

Immolation Aura CD (icon)
Immolation Aura rdy (icon)
Felblade CD (icon)
Felblade rdy (icon)
Fel Eruption rdy (icon)
Fel Eruption CD (icon)
Soul Carver rdy (icon)
Soul Carver CD (icon)
Fel Devastation Rdy (icon)
Fel Devastation CD (icon)
Blade Turning (icon)
Spirit Bomb (icon)
Soul Barrier cd (icon)
Soul Barrier rdy (icon)
Soul Barrier (text)
Demonic Infusion CD (icon)
Demonic Infusion rdy (icon)
Demon SPikes (icon)
Fiery Brand rdy (icon)
Fiery Brand CD (icon)
Metamorphosis CD (icon)
Demon_Spikes_Buff (aurabar)
Demon_Spikes_Buff_ColorBackDrop (aurabar)
Demon_Spikes_Buff_Model (model)
L_txt (text)
R_txt (text)
DH Fury/Pain+critPredict (aurabar)
T100 predictions (aurabar)
Background 2 (aurabar)
Meta Buff (text)
Leap Charge cd 1 (aurabar)
Leap Charge cd 2 (aurabar)
Leap Charge rdy 1 (aurabar)
Leap Charge rdy 2 (aurabar)
Inferal Strike 1 (icon)
Infernal Strike 2 (icon)
Infernal Strike 3 (icon)
Empower Wards Rdy (icon)
Empower Wards CD (icon)
Empower Wards (text)
Torment Rdy (icon)
Torment CD (icon)
Consume Magic Rdy (icon)
Consume Magic CD (icon)
SF1 (aurabar)
SF2 (aurabar)
SF3 (aurabar)
SF4 (aurabar)
SF5 (aurabar)
Sigil of Flame CD (aurabar)
Sigil of Flame rdy (aurabar)
Sigil of Silence CD (aurabar)
Sigil of Silence rdy (aurabar)
Sigil of Misery CD (aurabar)
Sigil of Misery rdy (aurabar)
Sigil of Chains CD (aurabar)
Sigil of Chains rdy (aurabar)
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